Today I wanted to talk about some issues that are facing the Muslim youth and bring to light the causes to possibly open up a platform of communication on the subject.

Growing up in America it has it’s benefits and harms. Sometimes the harms are covered up to look like benefits. For instance the unlimited amounts of freedoms we have pose as a benefit however when you look deep enough you realize it’s really a route to evil. As a Muslim are lives are to be governed by a set of laws that have been mandated by the Creator of the heavens and earth. Laws that restrain us from falling into those acts that are despised and hated by Allah and laws that bring us closer to Him and brings peace into our lives. Now when you live in a country where every set of laws go against the very value system set up by Allah problems begin to arise.

Our so called freedoms will prove to be our ultimate destruction when it comes to our standing before Allah. In todays face paced, media based, emotional driven, desire focused society it’s easy to fall into acts that were once thought to be shameful. With the internet making it easier every day to find what your soul desires we fall farther and farther into a parallel world of delusion fueled by the very lusts that is sold to us through media. As Muslims we no longer feel ashamed to commit acts such as fornication, lying, stealing, etc. And even worse, the Muslim women have began to remove the very covering that at one time protected them from the stares and gawks of men. What happened to our shame and shyness, what happened to our respected way of life, what happened to our living to meet of Creator? Their are so many of the Muslim youth today who have given up their identity because they believe the way our American counterparts live is more pleasing. But they have forgotten that Allah has surrounded the Hell Fire with things the soul desires from lusts, sex, money, pride, cars, etc.

It’s really sad to see the state of my Muslims today, having given up a blessing that the Creator of everything in existence has giving them, for a trade that loses its value faster than a car does once it leaves the lot. The state of the youth today has become so bad and in some cases Islam doesn’t even seem to exist. What has happened, where did we loose our identity, why have we adapted the ways of those who care less about the laws of our Creator? So many younger generation Muslims have adopted the lifestyles of people who they believe have the things life is about. What they fail to realize is that the things those people gain is worthless in the sight of Allah and on the Day we all stand before Him it will be made to be worthless with no value. The only thing that will matter is the relationship you had with Allah in this life, and the extent to which you feared and obeyed Him. Think that you will escape, think that you won’t be held accountable, think that this is all a game. Remember the grave that we will be made to rest in, the tightness that will be felt for those who took Allah’s commandments for play, the wrath for those who choose to defy Allah. This is a truth that we cannot escape and one that is upon us every single day.

Don’ t take the blessing that Allah has giving us and trade it for something that is worthless and has no value except that which you fictitiously preconceive. We are Muslims, our Messenger and his companions went through much trial so we could practice the way we can today. Don’t be so quick to turn your back on Allah when it’s Allah you need and Allah needs us not. Don’t be so quick to adopt the ways of the kuffar when the kuffar can careless about our ways and values. Always remember you will stand before Allah so all that you think is important today will prove to be trivial tomorrow.